Avoid overlooking the “little things” when charging a car battery because these things tend not to be so minor. Making sure the car and battery charger are both off before doing anything seems advisable. Carefully cleaning the battery terminals becomes necessary, and this job requires a steady hand.

Purchasing a decent portable car battery charger provides the flexibility necessary to charge a battery when necessary. No matter what type of charger you buy, the positive cable must connect first, followed by the negative one. And you’ll need to let the charger run for the appropriate amount of time. Some chargers come with a timer to set the duration.

If the battery cannot hold a charge, there may be something wrong with it. Batteries don’t last forever, and three years is often the maximum.

At Nissan of Meridian in Meridian, MS, we assist car, truck, and SUV drivers with battery needs. Ask about any inspection and replacement work.

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