If you've ever used your headlights or listened to your car's radio, then you've taken advantage of your alternator. Most people know that the alternator has something to do with the electrical system of their vehicle but don't know much else. To help you gain valuable insights into the operation of your vehicle, we at Nissan of Meridian offer this basic guide to how an alternator functions.

Essentially, an alternator works as a generator to produce electricity for all of your vehicle's electrical systems and accessories. The alternator receives its energy from the vehicle's engine, as the internal combustion turns gears that are converted to usable electricity. This electricity then lights your headlights, powers your GPS around Meridian, MS, and plays your music.

If your alternator isn't working, your vehicle won't run because your battery won't charge. If you think you might be having issues with your alternator, feel free to stop by our service center today.

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