At Nissan of Meridian, our team wants to answer common questions about vehicle performance and terminology. We know the importance of driving safely in Meridian, MS. Many drivers want to understand understeer and oversteer. These issues can affect your vehicle's performance.

Understeer occurs when a vehicle does not complete a full turn. It usually happens when the vehicle accelerates too early when you are turning a corner. Adjusting the tire pressure can help an understeer issue in some vehicles. Oversteer occurs when the vehicle steers too much during the turn, and it can be dangerous when you are driving in rainy weather. Loosening the suspension can help an oversteer problem. Generally, oversteer occurs in vehicles that have rear-wheel drive. Understeer occurs in vehicles that have front-wheel drive

Both actions can occur in any automobile. These issues usually occur in vehicles that have a powerful engine. Most newer vehicles have an electronic stability control feature.

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