When to Change Summer Tires Vs. All Season Tires

One major difference that is important to know when it comes to summer tires and all-season tires is when you should change them. Given that the designs and the treading of the summer tires differ a bit from the design and treading of the all-season tires, it is important to know and be prepared.

With all-season tires, you can change them when you have 2/32nds of tread left. Given that you are not going to be using all-season tires for performance-based driving, this is very reasonable. You also have more options to rotate the tires on your vehicle.

With summer tires, you are going to have to change them as soon as you get down to 4/32nds of an inch left. This is so that you can maintain the performance of your vehicle and also avoid hydroplaning on wet roads. The options for rotation are limited.

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