Nissan LEAF Revolutionizes Charging Options

The Nissan LEAF has revolutionized the electric vehicle market by delivering technology that improves the range and offers new options for charging. This popular compact electric vehicle has been around since 2011. The latest model gives fans even more to love about it.

On average, the LEAF has a range of about 150 miles under normal driving conditions. This is the typical range when the battery has a full charge and the 147 hp engine is traveling at highway speeds. You have two charging options for when you are at home and you can always pull over to a charging station for a quick 30-minute charge when you are on the road. This option will give you about 90 more miles before you need to stop for another one.

If you are looking for an electric vehicle with a long-range and easy charging options, you need to stop by Nissan of Meridian to take one for a test drive.

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