See and Ride in the New Nissan Kick

Nissan has a number of qualities that make it stand out as a premium auto manufacturer. While many different Japanese car makers are well loved for reliable vehicles, quality design, and family-friendly construction, none of the big three have the same reputation for high performance that Nissan does. There are many other reasons to buy a Nissan as well. At Nissan of Meridian, we are incredibly proud that we have one of the largest selections of Nissan Kick vehicles in our area.

The simple fact is the Nissan Kick excels at being what it is- a small crossover that can move people and goods incredibly effectively. The smaller construction of these vehicles reduces gas mileage while not diminishing the ability for the Kick to efficiently move goods and people around the city. The MPG comes in at a healthy 28/31, city and highway, which is phenomenal for a vehicle that can move this much stuff.

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