What's the Entertainment System Like in the Nissan LEAF?

When cars first appeared, the entertainment came from the countryside through which you were driving. Today, entertainment comes from small hand-held devices through which we view the world as we travel. The Nissan LEAF is packed with entertainment potential.

Few people realize how they tune out the engine noise that thrums through a vehicle. In the Nissan LEAF, there is little to no noise level with which you compete for music and sound quality. The LEAF audio system plays through six well-placed speakers. The seven-inch touchscreen accesses an infotainment system that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for on-the-road smartphone streaming. The Nissan Navigation system is voice activated and keeps you updated on traffic issues such as closed roads, accidents, or icy/wet conditions. The car is connected to SiriusXM for a pure music sound.

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