Stay Cozy in the Nissan Sentra

Whether you're dealing with the intense heat of summer or the frigid cold of winter, the Nissan Sentra can keep you cozy during your travels. We here at Nissan of Meridian are excited to show you the available comfort features in this popular mid-sized sedan. It's available with a dual-zone climate control system and heated seats.

The climate control system lets you and your front passenger find the right setting for your needs. The two sides of the car are treated separately from one another. Gone are the days of arguing about the temperature. Best of all, the system is automatic. Once you choose your settings, the Nissan Sentra will return to them each time you go for a drive.

The heated seats are great for drivers in Meridian during the winter. Heating elements are built right into the front seats. The controls are located on the center console for easy access. Simply press a button to enjoy comforting warmth during your drive.

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