3,000-Mile Myth

As a car owner you understand the importance of having your engine oiled changed, but with so many myths out there it can be confusing as to when you will need this service done. Below is a common myth about engine oil, followed by the truth:

Myth- Engine Oil Needs To Be Changed Every 3000 Miles

Fact- While this may have been true years ago it is no longer the case. You should first check your owner’s manual and see what the recommended motor oil is and how often it should be changed. Today the interval between oil changes can vary from 3000-10000 miles depending on the vehicle. Many newer model vehicles will come with an engine oil monitor that will let you know how much oil you have and when it will need to be changed. One of the reasons owners can wait so long between oil changes is that not only are engines built to last longer, but engine oil itself is specially formulated to last longer and contains additives that are meant to keep your engine cleaner and reduce engine oil breakdown.

At Nissan of Meridian, we want to make sure all drivers are routinely changing their engine oil, it you are still confused as to when you should have your engine oil changed come visit any of our Meridian, MS locations and speak with one of our experts today.  
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