The Right Way to Pack the Roadside Emergency Kit

The crew at Nissan of Meridian wanted to lessen your chances of trouble on the road by helping you to pack a roadside emergency kit correctly.

The most important thing in your emergency kit will be your flashlight. Don't forget to place a bunch of new batteries in the kit too in case your stranded the entire night.

Bring a small first-aid kit so you can tend to any number of little injuries while you are waiting for help.

Inside the kit should be a box of tools that include pliers, wrenches, a socket set, hammer, screwdriver, knife, scissors, and a multi-tool.

Tire fix-a-flat is the key for getting a flat tire up just high enough off of the rim so you can either move further away from the road or get to an exit where there is a service station.

Keep up with your service appointments at Nissan of Meridian so we can spot any issues that may turn into serious problems.



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