How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Enjoying the seasons is so much easier when you’re not stranded on a bitterly cold or brutally hot day with a dead battery. If you live in an area that doesn’t maintain a moderate temperature all year, you know all too well what temperature extremes can mean to your battery’s operation. Keeping it maintained will alleviate problems down the road.

Cold creates a great deal of extra work for your vehicle’s system. When the temperature drops below freezing, motor oil begins to thicken. It takes more energy from the starter relay and the battery to turn the engine over when the oil is thick. The season of cold temperatures also includes shorter days and dampness. Using the wipers, heater, and lights more frequently pull excess energy from the alternator, which eventually affects the battery. Hot weather evaporates the liquid. That can create a problem for the battery. Its fluid should be regularly checked to make sure it remains at healthy levels.

A recommended maintenance program for your vehicle’s battery is spring and autumn. When you’re in Meridian, MS, bring your vehicle by our service center at Nissan of Meridian. We’re here to help.

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