Nissan Maxima - Check Out its Performance

Drivers who rate performance as the top priority in a vehicle often find the Nissan Maxima the ideal car. The 2018 Maxima is a popular luxurious sedan for many reasons: performance, style, size, design and its many capabilities. Come to [DEALER], check it out, and speak to our sales staff. You’ll love everything about the Nissan Maxima.

In addition to its many other great features, the Nissan Maxima excels in performance, whether you’re accelerating, decelerating or trying to round corners. The Intelligent Engine Brake prevents quick stops by using the CVT to maneuver corners or stop gradually. The Intelligent Trace Control anticipates the situation and brakes accordingly giving you a smooth ride.

Most cars shoppers fall in love with the Maxima on sight. Visit our shop to take the Nissan Maxima out for a test drive, and see if you don’t feel the same way.



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