Exactly When Do Your Tires Become Unsafe?

A tire can be said to be unsafe when it doesn't have enough tread to truly grip the road the way it was intended to do. Tires experience wear because they are rubbing against a rough, corrosive substance. That is what they get made for, and what they were intended to do.

Tire tread depth gets measured with a depth gauge. An easy way to figure out if a tire is worn is to use the old "penny" method. Take a handy penny and stick it into the tread. If you can see the face, the tire is worn and is very likely unsafe on the road.

When you have a worn tire, there is a number of different reasons why it’s unsafe. For instance, it has less stopping power than an unworn tire. It is wise to have your tires checked regularly, and we at Nissan of Meridian are ready to inspect your tires any time, and replace them if necessary. Call the service department in Meridian, MS, and make an appointment today!

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