Dashboard Warning and Dash Definitions

When an indicator comes on in your vehicle it warns you that something in your engine or a part is not working properly. It time to contact Nissan of Meridian to check out the problem before it turns into a serious one.

Indicator lights, like the check engine light, might mean a small part needs replacing or your catalytic converter might be going. When your coolant temperature light shows, it means your engine is running too hot and several parts could be malfunctioning. Oil light warnings show the oil is low and needs to be filled.

When your battery charging signal comes on, this means the charge is low or not operating properly. You could find yourself stuck almost anywhere. Brake warning lights indicate low brake fluid or a broken part that can become dangerous. Most new cars have many different warning lights. It's important to take heed to them.

When your warning lights come on, plan to make a visit to our service center in Meridian. Don't wait.

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